I’ve had many varied occupations over the years, several of which have had some theatrical or creative element:  Actor, Tour Manager, Puppeteer, Street Theatre Artist, Punch & Judy Man, Tribute Act, Cabaret Artist, Children’s Entertainer, Entertainments Manager, Hospitality Host, Skin Character Performer and Tour Guide to name a few.DSCF2870-002 Needless to say, I’ve been about a bit and have some great memories of fantastic experiences shared with some wonderful people.
What most of these positions have had in common is that while I have been engaged in them I have often been called upon to design, create, build, alter, glue, repair, paint, touch up, decorate, titivate etc anything from full wooden flat scenery and canvases to bespoke, functional props, accessories and set pieces. What’s enabled me to do this are the skills I’ve picked up along the way and a genuine love and ability to create and transform things. It’s what I’m good at!

My approach to design.

‘Whatever I am working on, whether it’s a small prop or a large set piece there there are always the same important considerations to bear in mind when at the design stage. You can take all the time in the world to design and create a beautiful piece but it has to be suitable in every way for it’s intended purpose. Time is often short so it’s vital right from the start to understand exactly how the piece will be used and making it as practical as possible. When this has been discussed and agreed upon through the use of sketches then work can begin. Of course there are many times when alterations and tweaks need to be made mid project, that’s half of the fun. When creating something it’s very much about being in the “zone”…….. always thinking of ways to improve upon whatever it is that’s being made, in functionality, practicality and aesthetics.’

I am a full member of British Equity, have public liability insurance and carry a recent enhanced CRB (DBS) disclosure.

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