I love taking pictures, and I love the fact that it requires little expertize to produce great results using some of the many free programmes out there. I’m a fan of Instagram, Google Picasa and Ribbet (formerly Piknik) and use a combination of these to store, edit and enhance my pictures.
More and more of the pictures I have taken recently have been with my I-phone, As you can see my favorite subjects are nature, landscapes and animals, natural light and shade are also great to play with when editing and boosting colours, creating some magical results which can often be used for reference in new projects.

I also enjoy “messing” with pictures, taking an image and manipulating it for use as publicity and posters. Here are some examples:

I wanted to produce a nice poster that I could use for my Punch & Judy show and I wanted a festive Victorian scene to act as a backdrop for my puppet booth. I downloaded this well known image in high resolution, removed all the characters and lettering which left me with a lovely blank canvas, you can see my progress from start to finish in the slideshow below.The really tricky part was adding the crocodile! I spent literally hours on this poster but think that the results are great, especially considering I did it all using free tools.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also wanted to create an attractive poster for my Father Christmas Home Visits, as you can see below I took a stock photo from Google images and progressed from there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have also made several slideshow presentations for family and friends. Here’s one that I made for my Sister’s 40th Birthday. It was created using windows movie maker and took a LOT of time to complete, the results were worth it though. Another example of what can be achieved using free tools:

And here’s another I made recently for my good friend Jack:

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