Plunge Boom

In Ben-Faulks-Plunge-Boom-Mainthe Spring of 2011 I became involved as a performer with the Manchester based Theatre Company Plunge Boom. Established by Ben Faulks in 2006 the company has a wonderful reputation for delivering wildly imaginative, innovative and interactive Street Theatre to crowds at various events and festivals throughout the UK and abroad. One of their most popular pieces is The Vegetable Nannies. I was thrilled at the opportunity to be involved as a performer and I’m pleased to say that I can now add “Vegetable Nanny” to my list of quirky occupations!

All images on this page are courtesy of Plunge Boom.

The Veggie Nannies122-001

Put simply, the Vegetable Nannies are a small group of vegetable growing enthusiasts who enjoy nothing more than taking their precious cargo of baby vegetables out of their allotment for a stroll in their trusty Victorian pram. They’re always up for a chat with whoever they meet on their travels and are keen to introduce the babies to passers by, often seeking assistance with feeding, nursing and tending to the babies. as well as sharing gardening tips and recounting the many interesting tales from the Allotment.



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